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Planning Your Wedding

Who will conduct your wedding?

One of our team of ministers will conduct your wedding and will be happy to work with you in preparing it.  If you are planning to print your own order of service, you will need to get on with discussing this with one of us sooner rather than later. We normally hold a gathering in January of all wedding couples for the year ahead to give people an opportunity to meet the clergy, be given information about their wedding and hear some music options.  You may wish to discuss other things as well (such as forms of marriage preparation or explorations of what the church believes about God and marriage).

 Rev Anne McCormick 11 Church Lane Limber (01469561082) (Mob 07903749266)   anneoflimber@btinternet.com

So now you’re engaged…

Legal requirements

Finding a church

Planning the ceremony

Can I get married in Church?

Couples where one or both partners are living in the parish area (nearby the churches) are likely to be able to be married here.

Couples who have links to the parish for instance, if they were baptised here or their parents were married here, can also be married here under a qualifying connection. You can find this out at a booking. The parish you live in can be checked using the web site a church near you.

Couples where one or both partners have been married before will need to contact one of the clergy for a conversation and show a copy of their decree absolute before making a firm booking

Couples where one or both are not British citizens will need to contact one of the Clergy
for a conversation before they can go ahead with a booking.

How much will it cost?

The (almost) inclusive fee (everything from the legal fees to the organist, but not including choir, flowers or winter heating) is £577. If you ask for a choir to sing then you’ll need to add £40 (which we pay to them).  Flowers are mentioned below.  If we run heating (which we’d be likely to do from October to April) we ask you to add £25. But if this causes you a real problem or hardship, speak to one of us confidentially.  The fees are to be paid in full one month before the wedding if the wedding is to take place. Weddings cancelled less than two weeks before the event will be subject to paying the organist’s fee in full.

2018 basic wedding fee (May to Sept) £577
(Oct-April with heating) £602    

With special license deduct £43 as no Banns are needed.
For Choir add an extra £40

What are Banns of Marriage?

This is the legal notice of your wedding read out at services on three Sundays. If one or both of you live in another parish, it is essential that you arrange for Banns of Marriage to be read out in your home parish, and that you collect a certificate to say that this has been done. They will charge you a legal fee of £40 to do this. We look after arrangements in our own parish and don’t need to issues ourselves with a certificate. We usually read out your Banns of Marriage on the second, third and fourth Sundays two months before your wedding (e.g. we do this in June for weddings in August, and so on).  We do this at the 10.30 a.m. service (at St Michael’s or St Nicolas’) or the 6.00 p.m. service (at St George’s).

If one or both of you is a national of a country which is outside the European Economic Area, you will require a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate to marry, rather than have banns read.

What will the service be like?

The Church of England has set words to be used at its services but it also has a lot of room for couples to add their own special touches with music and readings to make it a unique occasion. The service we used can be seen in full complete with a wedding service planner on the Church of England website.

Can we have photographs and video recordings ?

You can do this provided this doesn’t become the main focus of the service, or distract the organist, or get used on a commercial basis.  Professionals and amateurs are acceptable but will need to discus with us where to stand and the protocols in each church.

Do we have a rehearsal?

After we have done all the other preparation, we usually arrange to run through the service with the two of you (or with a much larger group if you prefer) near the time of the wedding.  This isn’t like rehearsing a play (you don’t have to remember anything on the day!) but rather an opportunity to run through things and for us to have accurate notes of how this particular wedding is going to go.

The rest

We are delighted you are considering a wedding with us and we know it’s a daunting thing to organise. Don’t panic.  We have a lot of experience helping couples prepare for their weddings. We will make every effort to make it a memorable special occasion that runs smoothly.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure of anything. You may have chosen a Christian wedding but this doesn’t mean that you have to fit into a predetermined package; if there anything you’d like to do a bit differently then just ask.

Suggested Music

Readings and other choices

What Music can you choose?

Your Identity


We need to be sure you are who you say you are, and that you live where you say you live! So please make sure we have seen two proofs of identification before the wedding. Please bring a photo ID like passport, driving licence and a proof of address such as recent bank statements with your address on them or utility bill from within the past three months. If you are not a British citizen, tell us now.

Payments can be made on Saturday morning between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon at St Michael’s Church.  Cheques should be payable to either:

   St George’s: St George’s DCC

   St Michael’s Church Fees Account

   St Nicolas’  St Nicolas’ DCC

If you wish to use telephone banking or set up an online payment you will need an identifying number that can be requested at St Michael’s church on Saturdays 10-12am