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Exploring Faith

If you would like to explore Bible readings for times of need:

When life overwhelms you

Bible verses for hard times

Welcome to our explorers page. This page is designed to link you to resources that will help you explore faith, whether you are someone considering becoming a Christian, someone finding their faith again or someone who wants to grow in their Christian discipleship.

If you want to find more about Christian faith click here for the Church of England website or click here for the BBC website

If you are exploring baptism as an adult click here (Church of England website)

If you want to confirm as an adult the faith you were baptised into as child, click here (Church of England website)

If you wish to be prepared for baptism or confirmation click here

If you would like to explore prayer resources click here or here for Church of England websites,
and here for the Gideon Organisation’s site

If you would like further reading suggestions
there is a downloadable .pdf file here

What kind of worship is for you?
The main worship in our churches is a fairly traditional communion service. However we have informal worship on the first Sunday and the last Saturday in the month. At these services worship is light and there is an emphasis on activity and fellowship.

Enquirer’s courses
We sometimes run a short enquirers course covering basic topics in Christianity and answering your questions. If you would like to take part in such a course please contact our clergy

Reflections on faith topics

During the year we have other one-off events.

Bible Study Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. We cover a range of topics from Books in the Bible, individual characters in Scripture and the writings of Christian theologians. People are welcomed with a drink at 7.30 pm and after an exchange of news we settle to study finishing at approximately 9.00 pm.

Further detail may be obtained from Joan Hackfath by phone 01472 873851 or email at hackfath@ntlworld.com